About Heroes of mobile legends and their features

About Heroes of mobile legends and their features

The hero is the person who is summoned to the wage battle in the mobile legends. The hero is the players and the characters that we need to control in the mobile legends game. At present this game contains the 30 heroes are available. You are allowed to play the heroes who are freely available in the game rotation. The players are also allowed to buy the new heroes with the battle by using the diamonds and the points.  The minimal package points for the battle starts from the 2000 and the maximum is 32000 and in case of the diamond of the package starts from the 250 to the maximum of 749. Since it takes long time to achieve required points and the player can make use of mobile legends hack tool to get required resources. The player can bring the skins for the heroes by using the diamond and by using the early rewards and you can buy your first heroes. The each and every heroes of the game falls under the following categories based on their play style and the primary stats.

  • Support
  • Marksman
  • Tank
  • Assassin
  • Fighter
  • Mage

Features of the heroes and their specialties

Fighter: They are very close to the combatants that possess the mix of defensive and the offensive capabilities. The fighters don’t have the much utility than the tank and much damage assassin. Each fighter has the unique blend of damage, mobility, durability and disruption. There are seven fighters available in the game

  • Son of the dragon,
  • frozen warrior,
  • demon hunter,
  • Berserker,
  • Valkyrie,
  • Lord of the seven seas,
  • Kung fu boy.

Assassin: an assassin is an agile champion in killing or roaming targets, they are opportunistic hunters. The assassins are considered as specialize in positioning and killing based on the size of the enemy team. Since assassin have low hp and high burst they are ideal to take of opponents easily. There are five assassins in the game namely

  • Hovering blade (fanny)
  • Spacetime swordmaster (saber)
  • Shadow blade (karina)